“Chill out”. A military expert explained why the United States lost Arctic Russia

Nuclear icebreaker Yamal in the Kara sea

"Расслабуха". Военный эксперт объяснил, почему США проиграли Арктику России
Valery Melnikova has already lost Russia’s race for the Arctic, write the American media. On radio Sputnik captain 1st rank of reserve military expert Vasily Gindikin commented on the publication.

The us icebreaker fleet is in terrible condition, and to date remain afloat only two old polar icebreaker, writes journalist Sabrina Shankman on the website of TV channel NBC News.

The objectives of these icebreakers is to collect scientific data, rescue stuck in ice of ships and elimination of consequences of oil spills in the most remote parts of the Earth. In addition, they protect U.S. interests in the Arctic circle, given that melting ice reveal the region to new trade opportunities. However, as noted in the article, one of these of the icebreakers under the name “North star”, built 40 years ago, has long since crossed the expected service life and is constantly breaking down. Another icebreaker, the Healy, was built in 2000, is able to perform a scientific function.

According to the most optimistic calculations, stated in the article, the minimum period when the Arctic will be a new American icebreaker is five years, while Russia in this region is working to have 40 such vehicles. And it will take billions of dollars, but the US government instead allocates money for the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, the author stresses.

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