Cell phone radiation triggers the development of cancer, say scientists

The man on the phone.

Излучение мобильников провоцирует развитие рака, заявляют ученые

MOSCOW, Nov 1 – /strong>. American biologists have introduced a new potential evidence that radio waves are currently used in 2G and 3G cell phones, can cause cancer of the heart, liver and some other organs. It is reported by the national Institute of environmental health, USA.

“We in no case do not compare the effect of the phones on the person and their analogues radiation on animals. In our case, the whole body of mice and rats were exposed to similar radio waves, while people usually make a phone to a specific point on their head, and do not do it very often, as in our case,” emphasizes John Bacher (John Bucher), Director of collaboration with National Toxicology Program.

Two years ago, the NTP published an article in which they talked about the first results of experiments on the effects of mobile phone radiation on the organism of rats. The results of these experiments, replicated by the media, was shocking – it turned out that the simulated radiation of the telephone gave rise to malignant tumors – gliomas in the brain and schwannoma in the heart.

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