California has postponed the launch of the carrier rocket Falcon 9

The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket.

В Калифорнии отложили запуск ракеты-носителя Falcon 9

MOSCOW, 2 Dec — the Launch in California of the American carrier rocket Falcon 9, which should be delivered to low earth orbit cargo for the mission Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSat Express, postponed from Sunday to December 3 due to additional checks of the second stage engine and bad weather conditions, announced the company SpaceX.

“Abandoned tomorrow attempts to launch Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSat Express to conduct additional checks of the second stage. Working on the back of the launch on 3 December,” said company SpaceX on Twitter.

As reported by Yonhap news Agency, the Ministry of education, science and technology of South Korea confirmed on Sunday that the launch of their new satellite, which, among other cargoes had to be delivered into orbit by the Falcon 9 rocket SpaceX, postponed due to bad weather. Under the new schedule, the launch will be from Vandenberg air force base in California at about 10:32 3 Dec time-USA (21.32 GMT).

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