Caesarean section disrupts the development of baby’s brain, say scientists

Newborn babyКесарево сечение нарушает развитие мозга младенца, заявляют ученые

MOSCOW, 16 Oct – /strong>. Biologists have found that caesarean section in an unusual way affects the formation and growth of the brain of mice after their birth, contributing to the massive death of neurons. This is the conclusion of biologists, published an article in the journal PNAS.

“Many doctors today cesarean section associated with disturbances in sleep and in emotional child development, and the formation of deficiency of attention. Our observations uncovered a possible reason why this happens,” write Nancy Forger (Nancy Forger) and her colleagues from the University of Georgia in Atlanta (USA).

In recent years, scientists actively interested in how the various “invention of civilization” associated with the procreation and rearing of children, influence the child’s development. These studies have shown that many of these methods are not always positively affect the development of babies and the creche.

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