Biologists have uncovered the unusual relationship between bees and solar eclipses

The combined image of a total solar Eclipse. August 21, 2017Биологи раскрыли необычную связь между пчелами и солнечными затмениями

MOSCOW, 10 Oct – the Last total solar Eclipse helped biologists to confirm the existence of an extremely unusual phenomenon – bees and other insects abruptly fall silent and stop moving at the moment when there is complete darkness. Their findings were presented in the journal Annals of the Entomological Society of America.

“Mention of this phenomenon in the literature led us to expect that the activity level of the bees will gradually fall. We never expected to see what the bees will be fine to fly until the occurrence of a total Eclipse, and at this point, abruptly stop moving. It looked as if someone suddenly turned off the light in the room, and all life in it was quiet,” said Candas Galen (Candace Galen) at the University of Missouri (USA).

A solar Eclipse occurs when our natural satellite, the Moon in its motion it passes over the solar disk. It always happens at the time of the new moon. But not every new moon a solar Eclipse occurs. Due to the inclination of the moon’s orbit to earth’s orbit, the Moon is usually a little “misses” and passes above or below the Sun. However, about 2-5 times a year the moon’s shadow still falls to the Ground and coming local “end of the (sun) light”.

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