Biologists have proven that probiotics have beneficial qualities


Биологи доказали, что у пробиотиков есть полезные качества

MOSCOW, 14 Nov – the Use of large amounts of the popular probiotics increased bone density in mice, which suggests there is beneficial properties similar products. This was written by biologists in an article published in the journal Immunity.

“We didn’t know how probiotics work, so many people considered them one of the subspecies of “alternative medicine,” something esoteric and unscientific. We not only checked out their work, but also tried to find out what biological mechanisms causes their action, which we hope will accelerate the penetration of these products in medicine,” said Roberto of Pacifici (Roberto Pacifici) from Emory University in Atlanta (USA).

Invisible puppeteer

The human body contains about 10 times more single-celled bacteria, fungi and other representatives of the microflora than our own cells. Recent observations indicate that the microflora may not only affect the human metabolism and the likelihood of developing cancer and other diseases, but also on his behavior and habits.

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