Biologists have discovered the first “the gene” associated with impotence

Patient on reception at doctorБиологи открыли первый "ген", связанный с импотенцией

MOSCOW, 8 Oct – /strong>. Geneticists and molecular biologists first identified the region of DNA, mutations in which were associated with increased likelihood of impotence in the declining years of life. His description and other findings of scientists was published in the journal PNAS.

“The discovery that the surroundings of the gene SIM1 has been associated with impotence, it is extremely important to us for the reason that now we can definitely say that this disease is partially genetic background. This conclusion allows us to look for other “genes of impotence” and to develop drugs that interact with them,” said Eric Jorgenson (Eric Jorgenson) from the consortium Kaiser Permanente in Oakland (USA).

Today, as scientists believe, from problems of a sexual nature about suffers every second man aged 40 to 70 years, and the probability of their appearance is rapidly increasing with the age. In this respect, if you believe Roman and medieval Chronicles, little has changed over the last few thousand years.

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