Beijing criticized Pompeo about undermining China’s international order

The flags of the United States and China.

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BEIJING, December 5 – foreign Ministry spokesman China Geng Shuang criticized the words of US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo of undermining China in the international order, accusing Washington of selfishness and politics of unilateral action.

Earlier Pompeo, speaking in Brussels with a speech at the Marshall Fund, has accused Russia of violating the INF Agreement for “several years”, and Iran and China — in the undermining of international order, urging Europe to help the US to restore a liberal world order.

“The recent statements of the American side does not meet the spirit of the meeting, which took place between the leaders of the two countries… the United States under the banner of “America first,” waving a club policy of unilateral action and of protectionism, has created chaos for the international order that emerged from a number of international organizations and international treaties, has created a challenge to the tool of multilateralism,” — said at the briefing, Geng Shuang, commenting on the words Pompeo.

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