Beijing and Washington are rivals, but not enemies, says US Senator

The flags of the United States and China. .

Пекин и Вашингтон конкуренты, но не противники, считает сенатор США
© AP Photo / Andy Wong

BEIJING, 1 Nov — the US and China are competitors, but not enemies, the parties should resolve differences through equal dialogue, said on Thursday, U.S. Republican Senator from Tennessee Lamar Alexander at a meeting with Premier of the state Council of China Li Keqiang.

“The US and China are competitors but not enemies, common interests are much greater than differences parties by strengthening cooperation can achieve common prosperity”, — said Alexander, whose words are contained in the statement of the state Council of the PRC.

According to him, “the existing problems in trade-economic sphere, the parties should be resolved by equal and honest dialogue”. He stressed that “the increase in customs duties cannot be a solution to the problem.”

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