“Ash” vs Virginia. Russian response to the American submarine hunters, 07.10.2018

Submarine of project Yasen-M"Ясень" vs Virginia. Русский ответ американским подводным охотниками, 07.10.2018© Photo : SEVMASH

MOSCOW, Oct 7 — Nikolay Protopopov. Naval forces of the United States had adopted the sixteenth class submarine “Virginia”. Americans believe these submarines are the most armed, stealthy, and reliable in the world. The next classmates of “Virginia” — the newest Russian multi-purpose nuclear submarines of class “Ash-M”. About how can I put these subs in a row — in the material

Underwater race

The first representative of the class “Virginia” with the same name joined the US Navy in 2004. On these ships the Americans have ambitious plans in total, they will build three dozen.

It is noteworthy that “Virginia” has replaced “Sivulta”, developed in opposition to the Soviet submarine of project 971 “Pike-B”. The emergence of Russian new submarines, hammy quietness with the main striking force of the U.S. Navy submarine type “Los Angeles”, stirred up and troubled by American military leadership at the time. Trying to restore parity, the Navy promptly ordered thirty “Sivulta”, to enhance the stealth is equipped with a water-jet propulsion and covered with special sound-absorbing sheath. However, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war the Pentagon did not require such expensive and advanced multi-purpose submarines. The project was closed, having to build only three “Sivulta”.

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