Ankara’s authorities renamed the street where the American Embassy is a

The American Embassy in Ankara.

Власти Анкары переименовали улицу, где расположено посольство США
© AP Photo / Burhan Ozbilici

ANKARA, 30 Nov — the Municipal government of Ankara, replaced the signs with the name of the street where is located the new building of the Embassy of the United States, it was renamed in honor of African-American Islamic religious leader and civil rights activist Malcolm X, the correspondent

Signs with the old name of the street (1478 s) located in the district of Cankaya, replaced by the new name X. Earlier this decision was taken by the municipal Assembly of Ankara.

In February, the municipal Assembly of Ankara decided to name the street on which is located the old building of the U.S. Embassy, in honor of “operation Olive branch” that the Turkish army carried out in the Syrian Affleck.

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