Analyst: Americans need to reduce their costs, there is no other option

Puzzle in the form of 100-dollar billsАналитик: американцам надо сокращать свои расходы, другого варианта нетCC0 / qimono / US budget Deficit peaked in 2012. On radio Sputnik analyst of the financial group “Kalita-Finans” Dmitry Golubovsky expressed the opinion that the continuation of such a situation will negatively affect the dollar against major world currencies.

The US budget deficit in 2018 financial year increased by 17% and reached $ 779 billion. This is stated in the joint report of the Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin and head of the office of management and budget the White house Mick Mulvany.

Thus, the U.S. budget deficit broke six-year record, reaching 3.9% of GDP.

However, the report also notes the success of the economic policies of the current American administration since the beginning of the presidency of Donald trump in the US, there were four million jobs, real wages grew by 1.4%, in addition, reduced levels of unemployment.

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