An unexpected connection. Five pairs of animals, a kinship which is hard to believe

The horseshoe crab and spider

Неожиданная связь. Пять пар животных, в родство которых трудно поверить

MOSCOW, 28 Nov — Alfia Enikeeva. A century and a half ago, the news that man is a relative of the monkey, angered half of the world. Today the deciphering of the genomes of almost every month brings surprises. With new technology, scientists have discovered a close link between seemingly very distant species. The most unexpected kinship in the natural world — the material

Jellyfish and corals

Reminiscent of plants, corals (they even have rings similar to wood) and able to swim jellyfish — in fact, next-of-kin. They have a similar body structure, both have stinging tentacles and stinging cells — for hunting and protection from enemies. So they are the same type — a flowing down, or cnidarian.

Despite the close relationship and sometimes a noticeable difference in size, the corals often prey on their more mobile cousins. For this purpose they United in a “gang”. Some polyps, jellyfish capture and immobilize its tentacles, and the other is slowly tearing the victim to pieces. How corals interact with each other, scientists still have not figured out. It is also unclear how they neutralize the venom of jellyfish. Probably due to the close relationship of coral to immune.

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