Americans are not critical to US policy and NATO, the expert said

The military background of the flag of the United States. Американцы некритично относятся к политике США и НАТО, считает эксперт Stanislav Savelyev

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — Maria Knyazev. The Americans is missing a critical look at NATO and has no concept of what America itself plays a role in the crisis, said Director of the Center for Marsona for the study of international security at the Ohio state University Christopher Gelpi.

“The American people are not quite familiar with the alternative interpretation of the events and what caused them,” he said Gelpi Thursday at the conference “the Diplomatic dialogue. Public opinion and public diplomacy in international relations” in the Gorchakov Fund. In his opinion, Americans have a naive view of NATO and no one perceives it as a threat. “NATO is the USA good,” — said the expert.

Gelpi also chided the media that they just don’t want to engage in critical thinking, it is connected with “changes in media” and the difficult financial situation of the 1990-ies. “Now they (media. — Approx. ed.) a significant reduction staf, so they more rely on public narrative than before,” said the analyst.

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