Americanist: trump did not understand that the US is still more than his business

The President of the United States Donald trump shakes hands with Jerome Powell at the White house. 2 November 2017Американист: Трамп не понял, что США – это все-таки больше, чем его бизнес© AFP 2018 / Saul LoebДональд trump criticized the fed after the fall of the stock indices. On radio Sputnik scientist-americanist Rafael Ordukhanyan expressed the opinion that the criticism of the US President is political.

The US President Donald trump on the background of falling exchange said that the Federal reserve is “crazy” because of the rate hike.

“I do not agree with what the fed is doing”, he added.

The major stock indexes of USA after Wednesday, October 10, lost 3-4% due to the ongoing increase in the yield of ten-year us government bonds, which increased due to the policy of the fed at the discount rate. The yield dynamics of government bonds and the stock market, as a rule, inversely proportional, as a highly profitable husbandi can guarantee investors profits with less risk and more stability than stocks.

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