Americanist: the US charges in the address of Russia – “unprofessional nonsense”

Space satellite of the Earth. Illustration

Американист: обвинения США в адрес России – "непрофессиональный бред"
© Depositphotos / cookelmaВ the US accused Russia of building military space laser. The scientist-americanist Rafael Ordukhanyan on radio Sputnik reminded that this is not the first unsubstantiated accusation U.S. officials to the Russian Federation.

Assistant Secretary of state for arms control, verification and validation agreements Ilim Poblet has accused Russia of building military space lasers, reports the Daily Mail.

In August, she talked about the fact that Washington is concerned about “strange behavior” of the Russian satellite inspector, which is not consistent with what was observed earlier. According to her, the American experts can not determine what the reason.

This time Poblet said that Russia has already taken to space combat lasers capable of destroying American satellites.

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