American sentenced to six months in prison in the framework of “Russian Affairs”

Washington. Американца приговорили к шести месяцам тюрьмы в рамках "российского дела" Alex Agaryshev

WASHINGTON, 10 Oct — the American Richard Pinedo sentenced to 6 months in prison under “investigation in Russia” spectacular Robert Mueller, the New York Times reports.

Pinedo previously pleaded guilty to that in 2014-2017 led online Auction Essistance, which provided the ability to bypass verification at the organization of the payment methods on the Internet. In particular, Pinedo sold on the Internet account data, acquired in the names of third parties.

“Twenty-eight year old Californian sentenced Wednesday to 6 months in prison for selling information on Bank accounts that helped Russia to conduct a campaign in social networks to influence and to undermine the presidential race in 2016,” — the newspaper writes. After six months in prison he will also have a 6-month house arrest.

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