American popered batko: why Poland urgently needs a US base

The U.S. military during exercises in PolandПоперед американского батьки: зачем Польше срочно понадобилась база США© AFP 2018Варшава expects that Washington will decide on the establishment of a military base in Poland already in spring. The White house does not comment on the issue, they say, it is necessary to think. But Polish politicians stand firmly on your own: really looking forward to, he says. Why such zeal?

In Poland expect that the decision to create a permanent American military bases will be made next spring. This was stated by the head of the Polish MFA Jacek Czaputowicz. According to him, had yet to discuss military and political details, and the location of such a facility. But this is minor. Important for the Polish leadership to obtain agreement in principle of the Congress, the White house and the Pentagon for the future “Fort-trump”.

But such zeal on the part of Warsaw, it seems, has put Washington in a deadlock. From the US, there are only allegations that the study offers Poland: like, still need to think carefully. The argument of the Polish authorities to assume the costs for the contents of this base (that’s two billion dollars) in the USA estimated, but no more.

NATO declined to comment on the situation, believing that this initiative is bilateral in nature and beyond the scope of the Alliance. And anyway, as previously noted, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, he personally sees no need to increase us troops in Poland: NATO and the United States, and so there is already present. For Warsaw as the presence of American soldiers, on the contrary, is one of the main reasons to create such a base. After stories about the “Russian threat”, of course. According to the same Jacek Czaputowicz, American soldiers in Poland already. That is, half done. Now we have to work on “expansion and adaptation” of the current infrastructure. What is needed, of course, the related investments.

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