American journal dispelled the myth about the “economic success” of the trump

Souvenir of the American dollar bill with a portrait of Donald trump. Американский журнал развеял миф об "экономическом успехе" Трампа© 2018 AFP / Jewel Samad

MOSCOW. 18 Oct — the United States, Most people observed a sharp deterioration in all areas of their lives because of the economic course of the administration of Donald trump, says Newsweek magazine.

After the arrival of the trump to the authorities in the country in the global stock market boom, however it becomes less sustainable because of trade wars waged by the American President. Eighty percent of the securities owned by ten percent of the richest Americans, and ordinary people are not getting any benefit from it.

Politics trump also has a negative impact on workers in the factories. For example, due to the imposition of tariffs on steel Corporation Ford lost nearly a billion dollars and was forced to send huge amount of workers on unpaid leave, the newspaper notes.

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