American Democrats to lose the Senate, experts say

The building of the U.S. Congress on Capitol hill in Washington.

Американские демократы могут "потерять" сенат, считают эксперты
Alex Agaryshev

WASHINGTON, 5 Nov — Alexey Bogdanovsky. The latest forecasts before mid-term elections in the U.S. Congress show that the Democratic party has a very good chance to get the Republicans control of the house of representatives, but loses hope of winning the Senate.

In the election of November 6 will be re-elected for a term of two years the entire house of representatives (435 members) and 35 of 100 senators, each of which operates for six years.

Democrats poised to take house

For a number of years in the society criticize “the stalemate in Congress” when due “creative” cutting of electoral districts, the vast majority of them, only one party has real chances to win. This year, the competition has increased, although there are disputes on how tall she really is.

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