Almost all US residents can be “calculated” using genomic databases

The structure of DNA and the genetic codeПочти всех жителей США можно "вычислить" через геномные базы данных

MOSCOW, 12 Oct – the Israeli geneticists have conducted an interesting “investigative experiment”, which showed that the identity of any U.S. citizen to install a DNA in 60% of cases using private genomic databases. Their findings were presented in the journal Science.

“We can say that in the near future genome databases will work as a “GPS system” to search for anonymous holders of a particular DNA. The role of coordinates in it will play a family tree that allows you to find certain people via their relatives even if they did not pass these tests,” says Yaniv Erlich (Yaniv Erlich) of Columbia University in new York (USA).

Genomic portrait

The development of genomic technologies and reduction of the cost of the procedure of decoding DNA made genetic examination of one of the main tools of criminologists, historians and many other professionals not directly connected with biology. Today, the genomes are used to locate criminals, missing people and solving mysteries of the origin of peoples.

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