All in the back. Why do the Americans need Russian guns

A soldier of the airborne troops of Russia fires a heavy machine gun NSV-12.7 Utes during exerciseОчередь в спину. Зачем американцам понадобились российские пулеметы Igor ageyenko

MOSCOW, 12 Oct — Andrew Kots. Imported parts do not use foreign experts to attract, drawings and technical documentation to produce their own — recently it became known that the Main Directorate of special forces of the Pentagon (SOCOM) announced a competition among American gun companies to create exact copies of the Russian “strelkovka”. While we are talking about machine guns: PKM 7.62 mm and NSV “Utes” 12.7. It is emphasized that enterprises should develop products from scratch and only their own, not referring to Russia as a country pravoobladanie. Why do the Americans and their powerful defense industry took the wrong guns — the material


The United States is able to independently manufacture the entire range of hardware for its Armed forces — from pistol cartridges to satellites, and strategic bombers. However the quality “home” products is not always satisfied with such demanding “clients”, as special forces soldiers. In some cases it is easier and cheaper to buy the analogues of the allies. And if they can’t offer a decent option to study the arsenals of the enemy, real or potential. For example, the Germans during the Second world war is also not without borrowing. Their submachine guns Gerat Potsdam Gerat Neumunster and was, in fact, full copies of the British STEN, the Wehrmacht captured as trophies. Reliability and simplicity of design were the deciding factor.

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For similar reasons, the us military today are German submachine gun H&K MP-5, assault rifles H&K 416, Italian shotguns M1014, the Swedish AT4 rocket launchers and M3, the British M777 howitzers and a number of other imported weapons. Moreover, several enterprises in the US under license to produce different variants of the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle for both civilian and military needs. However, the NSV and PKM machine guns — modern, although not the newest brainchild of the Russian defense industry — earlier special interest in the Pentagon were summoned.

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