About 800 migrants were detained while trying to cross the U.S. border

The caravan of migrants from Central America moving to the USA.

Около 800 мигрантов задержали при попытке пересечь границу США
© REUTERS / Go Nakamura

MEXICO city, 4 Dec – About 800 migrants from Central American caravans were detained while trying to illegally cross the border with the United States, said Tuesday the Director of the National Institute of migration of Mexico Tonatiuh guillén.

“A significant number of people tried to illegally pass the border, and a significant number were detained in the United States, it must be about 800 people,” said Guillen in a radio Formula.

According to him, now in a new camp of migrants near the Mexican border in Tijuana there are about 2.5 thousand people. At that, Guillen said that some migrants decided to return home. Others, however, refused to move to a new camp, out of sight of the authorities. Previously, the number of migrants in Tijuana was estimated to be 6 thousand people.

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