A thousand and one planet: two NASA probe made a revolution in science

The Kepler telescope and the Dawn probe

Тысяча и одна планета: как два зонда НАСА совершили революцию в науке

MOSCOW, Nov 08 — /strong>. Until recently, scientists believed that the Earth does not have analogues outside the Solar system. But thanks to the two NASA missions — space telescope “Kepler”, and the Dawn probe, these views were destroyed. talks about the revolution in astronomy.

Ignorance is bliss

“Thirty-five years ago, when talking about the creation of “Kepler”, we didn’t know any planets outside the Solar system. Now it is established that the planets in the Galaxy more than the stars. “Kepler” has shown that future generations of earthlings there is a real chance for exploration and colonization of the milky Way” — leads the NASA website William Borucki (William Borucki), the first scientific Director of the mission.

Until the end of the last century, the picture of the Galaxy was pretty simple. The astronomers believed that it is billions of stars, some black holes, giant gas and dust nebulae, as well as thousands of pulsars and other “burnt-out” stars.

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