A scandal on an empty place. Poland has forgiven US diplomatic offense

Opening air force base in lask, Poland. 2012

Скандал на пустом месте. Польша простила США дипломатическую обиду
© AP Photo / Czarek SokolowskiСперва poles of a capital offense. And it was, to the U.S. Embassy. Which is a very realistic view of the degree of sovereignty of Poland. But a little dream with Polish names. And apologize for not thinking. Had the poles themselves to come up with apologies.

Скандал на пустом месте. Польша простила США дипломатическую обиду
A scandal on an empty place. Poland has forgiven US diplomatic obidowa browser does not support HTML5 audioСкандал appeared out of nowhere. At least in Poland first, and decided that the empty space takes their country the new US Ambassador, Georgette, Mosbacher. Demanding the authorities to stop attacks on the local TV channel, which, coincidentally, belongs American Corporation, it is not enough that intervened in the internal, whatever they were doing, so also in Morewelcome letter to the Prime Minister and the interior Minister Brudzinskogo confused in the names and made a mistake in both. Honor and pride of welikopolska. That is, the poles are large, as they themselves believe, value.

Here all is not forgotten Russian, so quiet indignation, bordering on temporary insanity, in the names even though most American women have seen the root of evil. Two. I mean, root. Evil-something they have always one thing in mind. Mosbacher sounds suspicious and unpleasant, such as waterworks or, more specifically, Mosgaz. In General, offended the poles.

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Well, in Poland are offended by the United States as small children. Lips pouted, cheeks hanging, a forehead frowned, and his eyes were moist. And they began to persuade themselves, saying that maybe it seemed to them, and it is not so serious. Although Georgette did not even think to apologize, she quickly found the defenders of the nobility, hurried to cover up the awkwardness. They almost yourself in front of her and apologized for the fact that it correctly understood. Alluded to her inexperience – after all, a former businessman and not a career diplomat. Assured that one incident will not change the “great relations of Warsaw and Washington.”

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