A NASA astronaut spoke about the impact of the incident with the “Union” in the U.S.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly. Астронавт НАСА рассказал о влиянии инцидента с "Союзом" на программу США

WASHINGTON, Oct 15 – the incident with the Russian carrier rocket “Union” will not significantly “speed up” the American manned space program, said NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.

Last Thursday saw the first in the history of modern Russia accident in manned space exploration. The carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG” was not able to put the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-10” with the new ISS crew on orbit, but the astronauts managed to escape in a rescue capsule on the Ground. The mission of ISS-57/58 the Russian Alexey Ovchinin and American Nick Hague, was not injured.

“As American manned spacecraft not yet flown before, you may (manned) no program can be greatly accelerated,” — said the astronaut

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