A gift weapon in the barrel do not look. What in Kiev, the times, and such awards

Advisor to the President for national security Affairs John Bolton at the NATO summitДареному оружию в дуло не смотрят. Какие в Киеве времена – такие и награды Alexei Witicisms American President deserved an honorary award. However, Ukrainian. Petro Poroshenko awarded the John Bolton gun Ukraine is now a very popular gift.

About time, about morals. That’s before what was the best gift? Book. But it went from the Soviet era, therefore, from this tradition, Ukraine had to be abandoned. In the new environment the best gift was a personalized weapon. It was assumed that it will be presented for service to the country, but give to almost everyone.

For example, recently, this honor was adviser to the U.S. President for national security Affairs John Bolton. Petro Poroshenko gave him a gun “Fort-12” caliber nine millimeters with combat set of 16 rounds. Earned personal contribution to inter-state cooperation.

First, it turns out, the United States supply Ukraine weapons, then get pistols as a valuable gift. I wonder what he thought of Bolton, having received such a gift, and how he was going to use it. Hang on the wall or used in battle?

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