A court in the United States has blocked a draft Keystone XL pipeline company TransCanada

Pump station Keystone oil pipeline in the United States.

Суд в США заблокировал проект нефтепровода Keystone XL компании TransCanada
© AP Photo / Nati Harnik

MOSCOW, Nov 9 — the Federal court of the state of Montana blocked approved by the U.S. state Department the pipeline project Keystone XL company TransCanada, according to the Hill newspaper.

According to the publication, judge Brian Morris decided that the analysis of the project, the state Department failed to consider properly such factors as the negative impact on the environment and the risk of an oil spill. Thus, the court upheld the environmental organizations and indigenous peoples of the United States, according to which the revised route of the pipeline requires a complete a single environmental review.

As notes the edition, this decision of the judge again questioned the implementation of one of the most controversial projects.

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